Powerline Networking SoC

Using existing residential electrical wiring to create a home network, Broadcom's BCM60321 Powerline Networking (PLC) SoC enables increased in-home network coverage for an easier plug-n-play connected home experience. It's cost-effective and efficient method to connect multiple devices and deliver multimedia content throughout the home.

The BCM60321 is a 40nm single chip monolithic PLC chipset that is HomePlug® AV 1.1 certified and IEEE 1901 compliant for high speed Powerline Communications. HomePlug AV is a technology standard designed to provide a 200 Mbps class powerline network.

Broadcom is a sponsor member of HomePlug Powerline Alliance, the organization responsible for establishing powerline standards and testing devices for compliance and interoperability.

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  • High Levels of Integration: combining analog and digital front end with line driver, modem and memory in small 9mm 76 pin QFN style package for a true single chip PLC solution
  • HomePlug AV 1.1 and IEEE 1901 compliant: resides on 200Mbs physical layer
  • Small Form Factor: entire PLC modem design size of 51mm x 38mm is possible
  • Low Power Consumption: modems consume less than 2.5 Watts of power when "on" and less than 0.5W on "standby"
  • Intelligent Switching: provides repeating, channel bonding, failover and load balancing for layer-2 in multi-mode home networks
  • Fully Managed Network Functionality; supports remote network management and diagnostics for ISP deployments